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Overwhelmed with home repairs? You've come to the right place.

Rebuilding Together of Greater Green Bay is an organization in which skilled and unskilled volunteers repair homes for seniors in need or people with disabilities who are unable to repair or afford the work themselves. Our concerns are safety, security, and independence of the homeowner. If your home is chosen as a project site, all repairs will be completed free of charge. Repairs are done safely and in compliance with current building code guidelines. However, we require you as a partner in this process. We ask that you and/or any able-bodied member of your household participate alongside volunteers in repairs to the best of your/their ability. Please understand that we receive many applications and are working to fill the need with limited resources.


1. Homeowner of a single family home in Brown County. (Sorry no apartments, rental properties or partly rented duplexes)

2. Current on your property taxes or property tax installment payment plan.

3. 60 years of age or older and low-income OR a person living with a disability and low- income. 

Note:Rebuilding Together of Greater Green Bay does only a very limited number of roofing projects per year and no foundations.

Click here to fill out a form and send to P.O. Box 702, Green Bay, WI  54305.